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Open Road partners with authors, estates, and their agents to digitize, design, distribute, and market their backlist books electronically. In 90 days an author's backlist works can be brought to market with new digital covers and promotional materials and made available widely on all ebook reading devices. Our distributors include Amazon’s Kindle Store, the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, the Sony Reader Store, Kobo Books, and Overdrive.


Open Road’s E-riginal publishing program is frontlist publishing for the twenty-first century. These “born digital” fiction and nonfiction ebooks are developed through the traditional processes of editing, copyediting, cover design, and interior design. They are also available online and in selected retail outlets as print-on-demand books.

In general, the timeline for E-riginal publication is 120 days from finished manuscript to ebook on-sale. Marketing begins from the delivery of the manuscript and includes traditional and digital publicity in addition to Open Road’s ongoing digital marketing activities.

Publishing Partners

Open Road serves as the digital marketing partner to the top tier of the more than 80,000 independent publishers in the U.S.; bringing their ebooks to a larger market through digitization, design, distribution, marketing, and original video production. Open Road’s marketing and digital entertainment teams partner with  the publishers' marketing, publicity, and editorial teams to create quarterly plans that include social media strategy, outreach/expansion, and creation of new marketing content such as videos, photos, written pieces, and retail promotions. The publisher gains access to Open Road's Marketing Platform and has a transparent view of each campaign and the tasks, events, and assets associated with them. In addition, Open Road optimizes retail merchandising and promotions for the titles that are part of the partnership through retail blog posts, promotions, and exclusive “from the author” content.

Digital Entertainment

Open Road and its team of award-winning filmmakers work in partnership with Open Road authors such as William Styron and Pat Conroy, Publishing Partnership authors such as Johnny Diaz, and E-riginal authors such as Mary Glickman to adapt, develop, package, and produce select works for all screens, and currently has several feature films, major television series, and web-based series in active development. Go to Film/Television for the latest updates.

Marketing Platform

Marketing and promotion of the author's ebooks takes place in a 360-degree cycle. Using Open Road's proprietary Marketing Platform, content and assets are continuously aggregated and created, curated, packaged, and syndicated to content sites such as blogs, social networks, and portals including AOL, the Huffington Post, MSN, and New York Times blogs. Authors have logins to upload new content or access the plans and tasks associated with their Open Road campaigns. As part of its marketing, Open Road digitizes rare and often unseen documents, letters, and photographs from the author’s personal archives and university collections. Open Road creates original digital video content around its authors and the extraordinary people that their lives have touched in order to explore the authors’ writing, their passions, their inspirations, and other topical issues.

The Open Road Team

  • Jane Friedman Jane Friedman

    Cofounder and CEO

  • Jeffrey Sharp Jeffrey Sharp

    Cofounder and President, Production

  • Rachel Chou Rachel Chou

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Chris Davis Chris Davis

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Luke Parker Bowles Luke Parker Bowles

    Executive Vice President, Production

  • Tina Pohlman Tina Pohlman


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