Before Bourne: Eric Van Lustbader’s Nicholas Linnear Novels

Thursday, March 27, 2014 Jeremy Renner may have replaced Matt Damon in the latest installment of the Robert Ludlum's™ Bourne series, but that doesn’t mean Jason Bourne has stepped out of the picture. Did you know that there are nine (count ’em) Bourne novels beyond the trilogy? They were all written by this man:

Eric Van Lustbader 

Eric Van Lustbader inherited the Bourne legacy (get it?) after Robert Ludlum’s death in 2001. But Lustbader is no ghostwriter; he is an immensely successful novelist in his own right, and the

Who Cares about Gladiators? Simone Sarasso Does

Thursday, March 27, 2014 Colosseum 

Italian author Simone Sarasso has written Colosseum, an exciting novel about Roman gladiators in the first century.

Why the hell write a book about gladiators now, in the twenty-first century? That’s what I call a question.

’Cause I’m Italian, folks. And ever since I started writing novels ten years ago, I wrote about the contradictions that have torn my country apart, from the age of Domitian ’till the present day.

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