Remembering The Troubles

Thursday, June 26, 2014 Derry, IrelandOne of Ireland’s foremost modern writers, Jennifer Johnston writes novels that stay close to her homeland and the turmoil that Ireland suffered during the 20th century—and continues to struggle through today. Arguably the most significant of these time periods that established the political status of Ireland was The Troubles, a nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland that also spread at times to the Republic of Ireland, England, and parts of Europe. Although the conflict spanned nearly 30 years,...

Fantasy Vacation or Space-cation? Take Off to Fantastical New Destinations This Summer

Thursday, June 26, 2014  

Planning your summer holiday? Why not take a space-cation! We have selected 16 fantastical havens for your next getaway. With a plethora of intergalactic destinations to enjoy, this selection is sure to please any vacation-goer.

Want to take a trip to the future? Find out what would happen if a nuclear apocalypse destroyed Earth as we know it. The flight from the E-TECH Base still has seats left, so get your ticket today!

Liege-Killer by Christopher...