Critical Symposium: Patrick Samway on Walker Percy

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 Walker PercyWelcome back to Open Road’s fourth Critical Symposium. Our subject in this month’s series is Walker Percy, author of the classic novel The Moviegoer. Today’s contribution comes from Patrick Samway, who wrote the definitive Percy biography. In an enlightening personal essay, Samway describes his special friendship with the writer The New York Times called “our severest moralist, and one of our most philosophical novelists.” Please feel...

Critical Symposium: Brent Short on Walker Percy

Monday, March 26, 2012 Walker PercyOpen Road’s Critical Symposium returns this week with a new series focusing on the great Southern novelist Walker Percy. The central theme of Percy’s work was the decline of religion and spirituality in modern society. We’ve therefore asked our contributors to discuss this aspect of Percy’s work and how he handled questions of faith in his own life.

We begin with an essay by Brent Short, who conducted an in-depth interview with Percy in 1990 after the publication of