M. E. Kerr on Writing Night Kites

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

M. E. KerrIn celebration of LGBT History Month, author M. E. Kerr shares insight into the importance of writing her novel Night Kites, and the impact it had on her life during a time when she was losing friends to the AIDS epidemic in the early 80s.

“When I wrote Night Kites in the early 80s there was no book—hardcover or paperback—featuring gay men with AIDS. There were a few about blood transfusions and the early belief in a Haitian connection, but Night Kites was the first book to deal with AIDS transmitted by homosexual men. I felt frightened and brave writing it, and I know my editors felt the same way. I had already lost several close friends and my story was important to me: that I tell it well and hope it would be received that way. Ultimately it was, but it took awhile for people to realize that we would lose friends and loved ones, that AIDS would change us all, one way or another.” —M. E. Kerr